" There is only one way to succeed at anything and that is to give everything"

-Kyong Su Chung
President / CEO

...Our factory was founded in May 2006. With its rapid growth, IHEC has advance and closed deals with the variety of companies, accumulating over 3, 000 Tons in 2007. The following years, IHEC gained mor clients and widen our experiences out of our adherence, big comapanies and big job poured in to name fewe:

-ITT Spa / Italy
-Tulsa / Saudi Arabia
-Thai Oil
-CB & I Lummus
-GSE & C
-Air Liquide
-Maire Tecnimont
-Foster Wheller

..Through time, IHEC is expanding based on knowledge and experience, we have successfully maintained our strong statement of assuring our clients with our best performance and top quality product, Our dedicated teams of professionals have been together for more than 7 years and with our competitive knowledge, teamwork, experience and dedication, we are looking forward to an exciting future of rendering top class products.

...Design and fabricating various types of pressure vessels such as drums, storage tanks, columns, towers, shell and tube-type-heat exchangers with our own "In-House" calculation program as the years continued, bigger clients come and demands on quality and competitive selling are on the move.

...IHEC enterprises more and more into importing and exporting projects to major engineering companies, petrochemicals and fired-heater engineering companies. We have developed and specialized in pressure parts such as Radiant and Convection Coils, Relevant External Piping as well as Non-pressure parts, such as structural steel fabrication, refractory application and painting are all performed "In-House" keeping costs to our customer to a minimum.



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